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ATL Arborist Services, LLC leverages sound arboricultural practices recommended by the International Society of Arboriculture and the Tree Care Industry Association. Let our Skilled Arborists and Tree Care Professionals put their expertise at work for you today.
Atlanta Arborist
Commercial & Residential Tree Care 
  • Tree Removal

  • Target Pruning

  • Crown Raising 

  • Deadwood Pruning

  • Tree Inventories 

  • Permit Application Submittals

  • Stump Removal / Grinding

Atlanta Arborist
Arboricultural Prescriptions

A tree health care plan can help protect a tree from soil disturbance activities during construction phase.

  • ​May be required if 20-32% of a tree's critical root zone will be impacted 

  • Meets City of Atlanta's Arborist Division Requirements

  • This prescription is in lieu of paying recompense and posting the tree for removal

Atlanta Arborist
Tree Risk Assessments

Having your trees periodically assessed by a Qualified Tree Risk Assessor can significantly improve your chances of obtaining approval for an insurance claim caused by tree damage. When advising customers on best tree care practices or evaluating a tree for risk, one or more of the following assessments may be needed:

  • Level one: visual walkaround inspection of a tree's crown, trunk, and roots

  • Level two: Level one + root excavation/inspection and heartwood sounding with mallet

  • Level three: Tree core sampling, soil sampling, heartwood resistograph structural integrity modeling

Plant Health Care
Plant Health Care
  • Tree & Plant Fertilizing

  • Ornamental Pruning

  • Disease Identification & Treatment

  • Insect Identification & Treatment

  • Landscape Bed Design and Installs

  • Landscape Bed Maintenance

  • Tree Stress Management

Atlanta Arborist
Storm Work Remediation
  • Emergency Storm Debris Removal

  • Damage Assessments for Electric Utility Rights-of-way

Atlanta Arborist
Project Management
  • Vendor Management Service

  • Preconstruction Management Oversight

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