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ATL Arborist Services, LLC utilizes industry-standard tools & techniques recommended by ANSI, the International Society of Arboriculture and the Tree Care Industry Association. Our Skilled Arborists and Tree Care Professionals incorporate sound arboricultural science into every day decision-making to bring you accurate, high-quality results at a safe and affordable price.
Atlanta Arborist
Commercial & Residential Tree Care 
  • Tree Removal

  • Target Pruning

  • Crown Raising 

  • Preventive Maintenance Pruning

  • Tree Surveys

  • Permit Application Submittals

Atlanta Arborist
Arboricultural Prescriptions

A tree health care plan can help protect a tree from soil disturbance activities during construction phase.

  • ​May be required if 20-32% of a tree's critical root zone will be impacted 

  • Meets City of Atlanta's Arborist Division Requirements

  • This prescription is in lieu of paying recompense and posting the tree for removal

Atlanta Arborist
Tree Risk Assessments

Having your trees periodically assessed by a Qualified Tree Risk Assessor can significantly improve your chances of obtaining approval for an insurance claim caused by tree damage. When advising customers on best tree care practices or evaluating a tree for risk, one or more of the following assessments may be needed:

  • Level one: visual walkaround inspection of a tree's crown, trunk, and roots

  • Level two: Level one + root excavation/inspection and heartwood sounding with mallet

  • Level three: Tree core sampling, soil sampling, heartwood resistograph structural integrity modeling

Plant Health Care
Plant Health Care
  • Tree & Plant Fertilizing

  • Ornamental Pruning

  • Disease Identification & Treatment

  • Insect Identification & Treatment

  • Landscape Bed Design and Installs

  • Landscape Bed Maintenance

  • Tree Stress Management

Atlanta Arborist
Storm Work Remediation
  • Emergency Storm Debris Removal

  • Damage Assessments for Electric Utility Rights-of-way

Atlanta Arborist
Project Management
  • Vendor Management Service

  • Preconstruction Management Oversight

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