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Atlanta Arborist Services, LLC abides by ANSI A300 Tree Pruning Standards recommended by the International Society of Arboriculture and the Tree Care Industry Association. Let our skilled Arborists and Tree Care Professionals put their expertise at work for you today.
Atlanta Arborist
Tree Service
  • Hazard Tree Removals

  • Target Pruning

  • Weight Reduction

  • Deadwood Pruning 

  • Permit Application Submittals

  • Stump Removal / Grinding

  • Storm Damage Cleanup

Plant Health Care
Plant Health Care

​We offer a variety of plant health care services tailored to your needs. Services include:                        

  • Tree & Plant Fertilizing

  • Ornamental Pruning

  • Disease Identification & Treatment

  • Insect Identification & Treatment

  • Tree Stress Management

Atlanta Arborist
Tree Inspections

Inspecting trees for risk can help risk managers understand the level of risk a tree a may pose to people or assets so you can take appropriate actions. The following inspections are offered:

  • Level one: visual walkaround inspection of a tree's crown, trunk, and roots. Typical for inspecting a high number of trees in a high density stand of trees.                                            

  • Level two: Level one + root excavation/inspection and heartwood sounding with mallet. Most recommended for landscape trees.                        

  • Level three: Advanced Inspection by use of the following techniques: tree core sampling, soil sampling, heartwood resistograph structural integrity modeling, root collar excavations and drone inspections. Recommended if Level 2 results are inconclusive and require advanced diagnostic methods to determine a tree's overall health and risk.

Atlanta Arborist
Arborist Prescriptions

A tree health care plan can help protect a tree from soil disturbance activities during the construction phase of a project.                                                         

  • ​May be required if 20-32% of a tree's critical root zone will be impacted 

  • Meets local tree ordinance requirements

  • Prescription is in lieu of paying recompense and posting the tree for removal

Atlanta Arborist
Asset Inventories

Atlanta Arborist Services, LLC inventories trees for a variety of reasons:                                                          

  • Prepare for sale/purchase of real-estate

  • To determine risk tolerance/thresholds

  • To satisfy home insurance renewal requirement

Tree Protection 

​During construction projects, trees can be significantly harmed if appropriate steps aren't taken to protect them. Arborists play a pivotal role in ensuring that trees are preserved and protected during these activities. The following services are offered: 


  • Tree inventory table with health ratings

  • Geolocated trees with structural root plate and critical rootzone calculations

  • Tree protection 

  • Materials storage

  • Impacted trees

  • Destroyed Trees

  • Recompense calculations

  • New plantings

Atlanta Arborist
Tree Appraisals

Tree Appraisals help land owners gain a better sense of the monetary value and intrinsic benefits existing trees provide. 


Our arborists appraise trees by:                                

  • Documenting species and size

  • Calculate replacement cost

  • Estimate cost of tree loss 

  • Estimate value add to property

  • Estimate maintenance costs

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